Django Memory Error – How-to work with large databases

If you’re working with resource intensive operations on large databases in Django, chances are you’ll encounter a “Memory Error”.  I’ve seen this error numerous times over the last couple of weeks as part of a large data conversion project and wanted to share some the tips I learned.  Number one, DON’T PANIC!!!   It’s not Django’s fault, Django’s just doing some caching for you to speed things up.   This is a good thing, seriously…  you want Django optimized for performance by default since most resource intense operations are one-off tasks, like data imports, bulk updates, special ad-hoc reports, etc.  In these types of tasks all we need to do is slow Django down a bit and ease up on the memory, here’s how… 

  1. Use MyModel.objects.all().iterator() instead of MyModel.objects.all()
  2. If you don’t need all of the fields in a query use values_list
  3. Use the  Memory efficient Django Queryset Iterator, written by Thierry Schellenbach
  4. set DEBUG = False in your file.   If DEBUG is True, then Django saves a copy of every SQL statement it has executed. See Django FAQ: Why is Django leaking memory? (spoiler: Django’s not really leaking memory).

Ranked in the order of highest performance, but also in the order of most memory intensive. 

  1. MyModel.objects.all() – fastest, for standard queries
  2. MyModel.objects.all().iterator() – medium, for large queries
  3. queryset_iterator(MyModel.objects.all()) – slowest, for monster queries

One size doesn’t fit all, use the best method for your particular task.  By the way, the Django Snippet: “Memory Efficient Django Queryset Iterator” is solid. I’ve been using it a lot over the past couple of weeks and been validating the results along the way — works like a champ 🙂



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